Vendor Information


Pricing Per Month:

Retail Booth = $2.75 sq/ft or $55 minimum; Whichever is greater

Electricity = $25 (Optional)

Vendor Portal = $3 (Optional)


Mulberry Market,LLC will retain 13% of vendor sales each month to cover business expenses and operating costs. 

 Additional Information:

  • Initial contract will be 3 months. After that time, rent will be on a month-to-month basis. 
  • First month rent is due when the contract is signed.
  • Vendors will receive a written report of all sales every 2 weeks. A check will be provided to the vendor for their profit. 
  • Vendors are responsible for obtaining and maintaining all licensing requirements by the state and city government and must provide a copy of licensing upon contract finalization.
  • Mulberry Market, LLC will collect sales tax on behalf of each vendor.
  • One vendor per booth space will be allowed. 
  • All vendor spaces will be established by the vendor providing their own display furnishings. All display items and inventory will be within the confines of the allotted space and will be clear of foot traffic and aisles. 
  • Vendors will be responsible for restocking their inventory. 
  • All inventory must be marked with barcodes. Details on this will be provided.
  • Vendors will keep their spaces tidy, organized, and appealing to the buyer.
  • Vendors will refrain from selling items encouraging sex, drugs, or containing any other offensive material, such as profanity. Mulberry Market, LLC is a family friendly environment.
  • MLM, Direct Sales, and CBD companies will not be accepted to be sold.

**PLEASE NOTE** All of our vendor spots have been filled and we have opened up a waitlist at this time. Please keep in mind there is no time frame on when a spot will become available. If you would like to be on our waitlist please continue to submit an application. Thank you!

Vendor Application